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Unmatched Quality | Superior Service

Unmatched Quality | Superior Service


NEWLOOK'S residential team includes design, construction, and brokerage services.  As a result, our team is uniquely qualified in finding projects and homes that meet all the needs laid out by both investors and clients.  We have decades of experience in all facets of the market ranging from Chicago to the North Shore.  NEWLOOK'S product is unmatched in quality and price, but more importantly, our attention to detail and customer service are paramount on all deals, from small projects to full custom home builds.


Design & Service

NEWLOOK is proud to offer a variety of residential design and construction services to our clients.  From additions and remodels to custom home building, NEWLOOK'S personal attention to detail and quality guarantees each client receives the best possible finished product.  NEWLOOK has the ability to design and build within a client’s budget while adhering to our strict standards of quality and speed.  We are happy to work with your builders as well; NEWLOOK'S general contracting services add value to any of our client’s project.


The core of NEWLOOK's business is our custom home building and renovations.  We deliver our products that regularly meet and exceed our clients’ and investors’ expectations.  Beginning with sales, going through design, and finishing with execution, NEWLOOK's full team walks each client or investor through the entire process while providing open and honest customer service.


NEWLOOK's design team has the versatility and sophistication from commercial real estate combined with the experience of residential real estate successes.  We pride ourselves on designing to a budget and delivering to a timeline that meets our clients’ requirements.  NEWLOOK is on the forefront of combining modern technique while adhering to our traditional core values.



NEWLOOK’s craftsmen provide homeowners the assurance their project is done right the first time. Following through with our design team, NEWLOOK's construction experts execute in the field with speed and precision, maximizing value while minimizing timelines for clients.  From new construction to renovations, NEWLOOK’s construction team is ready to service projects large and small with the care and honesty developed over our 30+ years on the job.


Operating under Crew Development LLC, our sales team sold over $10 million of residential real estate in 2014.  Our team not only brings intimate knowledge of the Chicago and North Shore markets to buyers and sellers, but also is on the cutting edge of price analysis for construction and adding value to any residence.  We advise our clients on how to maximize each dollar to its fullest potential on either the buy or sell side of our transactions.