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Expert Brick & Stone Masons

Expert Brick & Stone Masons

NEWLOOK'S Foundation

NEWLOOK was formed as masonry specialists.  NEWLOOK'S original expertise was, and continues to be, understanding and mastering the old world craftsmanship of all aspects Masonry.  Dale, the founder of the company, still leads this division and personally assesses Masonry needs in every arena.  Whether constructing  and analyzing complex rigging for your single family chimney or providing master planning for entire complexes multiyear restoration projects; you can count on NEWLOOK to patient, descriptive, and thorough in all steps from analysis, to proposal, contracts, and  ultimately the finished product.   The character of brick and stone is a work of art and nobody cares more about that history and emphasizes passion more than NEWLOOK’S craftsmen.  If you are planning to invest in brick or stone, on an existing structure or new project, NEWLOOK is your only choice.  Please compare any NEWLOOK’S brick, stone, or bluestone installations with others and you will easily be able to see the passion and character for yourself.


The core values of integrity, artistry, and standing behind our work is what has made NEWLOOK who we are today.  So much pride is taken in our trade and the foundation of our business, the third generation of NEWLOOK’S family is named MASON, after Dale the founder of the business.


Masonry is a building material that will last longer than any other used today, but it still requires maintenance and restoration.  NEWLOOK has provided restoration throughout Chicago and the North Shore on many of the most iconic and historical buildings around town.


Proper tuckpointing is a labor of love and needs to be treated with respect.  Not only is preparation (grinding and flushing required) necessary to verify secure installation, custom blends are required to match historical mortar colors and original aesthetic features.  Whether concave, racked, or weeping mortar joints are in place, our Masons will take the time to both repair your building from current leaking while also correcting all issues to prevent future problems. As a result of our process developed over 30 years of business, your building will be restored to its original character.  

+Waterproofing, Power Washing, Sealing

Certain masonry products require consistent maintenance in order to keep water from infiltrating your building’s envelope.  Several products are available and, as a result, custom applications are necessary in different settings.  NEWLOOK provides expertise in all types of waterproofers and sealers; our specialists balance cost efficiency and quality for each application on your building.

+Bluestone & Patios

Bluestone has many applications and is one of the most beautiful flat work applications on the market.  There are many different installation methods, but mud-set is truly the best option and will guarantee your patio the longest possible life.  Unlike any other company, NEWLOOK will personally hand-select every piece of bluestone for your project.  Additionally, our craftsmen will cut every stone as necessary onsite, resulting in an unmatched, ascetically beautiful final product.

+Brick & Stone

True Masonry is a work of art and our Masons are simply the best.  Compare NEWLOOK'S craftsmanship side by side with any other applications and we are confident even an untrained eye could quickly see the difference between our masonry and others.  The time it takes to plan each and every stone and cut as many as necessary for perfect fit is one procedure that NEWLOOK will never waver from on each and every project.